Plantar Fasciitis

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis refers to the pain and irritation in the base of the foot, which is your heel. Your heel consists of a ligament, which starts from your heel and extends to the front of your foot. The ligament helps keep the arches of your feet firm and strong in order to effectively endure all the daily stress. Plantar fasciitis is the damage to this ligament as a result of extensive weight, pressure, or stress on the heels of your feet.

Do I have Plantar Fasciitis?

If the ligament, which is known as plantar fascia, is damaged, torn, or inflamed, your heel will become overly stiff and will begin to hurt really bad. The pain experienced by individuals varies from mild to burning-like sensations.

What are the Causes of Plantar Fasciitis?

Your plantar fascia can become inflamed or damaged as a result of the following causes:

Age: Plantar fasciitis occurs in individuals from ages 40 to 60.

Exercises: Certain strength training exercises can also cause ligament damage in your heel. For example, doing heavy squats exerts an enormous amount of stress and force on your heel, which can quite easily be damaged.

Foot Mechanics: Individuals who have flat fee or have unusual foot mechanics are more prone to developing the disorder.

Obesity: Being overweight not only puts enormous pressure and strain on the entire body but a majority of the stress and damage is done to the feet, especially the plantar fascia.


Are there Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis?

Although plantar fasciitis is a rather long-lasting complication, there are treatments to help you manage your pain and make your foot better. Some of the treatments are as follows:

Medications: Popularly medications prescribed to individuals include ibuprofen and other painkillers such as naproxen.

Therapies: There are specially designed equipment and footwear designed to help you overcome this complication. Your physical therapist can help you get over your injury using a series of tendon-strengthening exercises. This may include at-home towel stretching.

Orthotics: heel relief things like heel cushions, arch supporters, and heel cups may also be prescribed by your doctor.

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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Chicago

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