Acoustic Neuromas which are also called vestibular schwannomas or acoustics are basically 8th cranial nerve non-malignant tumors. They commonly develop from the covering cells of the inferior vestibular nerve. They also have the tendency to arise within an individual’s labyrinth. Acoustics make for approximately 6% of intracranial tumors, 85% of tumors in the cerebellopontine angle region and 30% of brainstem tumors. The other 10% comprise of meningiomas.

Only about 10% of acoustic tumors are diagnosed newly every year per million individuals making between 2000 and 3000 causes of acoustic tumors every year in the United States. Pain doctors in Chicago are of the view that patients suffering from hearing asymmetry have reduced chances of suffering from Acoustic Neuroma.


The Major Causes Behind Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic Neuroma generally occurs in two main forms.  One is a sporadic form while the other form is connected with a certain inherited syndrome which is known as neurofibromatosis type II. Approximately, 95% of the cases of Acoustic Neuroma are sporadic. NF2 cases are quite rare. Radiation coming from mobile phones can be one of the major causes of Acoustic Neuroma but there is no available or credible evidence in support of this fact.


Symptoms of the Condition

Diagnosing the condition generally requires an otologic expert and a physician integrating the entire picture together. Since Acoustic Neuromas tend to be quite rare and because MRIs are expensive, all patients having the risk of suffering from this condition must be evaluated under the guidance of a medical practitioner and also an otologic expert. To be very precise, patients suffering from stable and unexplained asymmetrical loss of hearing should go through the diagnosis for Acoustic Neuroma.


The Best Treatments for Acoustic Neuroma

Some of the major treatment strategies for Acoustic Neuroma used by pain clinics throughout the world include:

Stereotactic Radiotherapy

This involves the use of radiation without outing the effective use of gamma rays. The treatment involves using LINAC or linear accelerator along with CyberKnife to treat the condition in the best way possible. For larger tumors, Neuromas and cystic lesions, microsurgical resection in some of the most experienced neurosurgical clinics is considered one of the best options.

Surgical Treatment

Most cases of Acoustic Neuromas are treated surgically. The tumor is removed surgically and this is one of the most preferred options by patients throughout the world. This is because surgery helps in the prevention of fatal complications resulting from the growth of the tumor. Surgery also helps in preserving hearing loss. Surgeries for Acoustic Neuromas are generally carried out at academic centers by neurosurgeons and neurotologists.

TMR is also an Effective Treatment for Acoustic Neuroma

TMR or Targeted Muscle Reinnervation is another effective treatment strategy used for curing Acoustic Neuroma. TMR helps in preventing and even in reducing the formation of Neuroma by offering a certain denervated muscle target for transected nerves that grow into Neuroma. Axons are regenerated with the help of TMR which automatically helps in treating Acoustic Neuroma in an efficient manner. All these treatments are highly recommended by our pain clinic in Chicago.

Neuroma Treatment in Chicago

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