Nerve Entrapment

What is Nerve Entrapment?

Nerve entrapment, which is also known as ‘pinched nerve’, is primarily caused by pressure exerted on the spinal nerve or the peripheral nerve. Pinched nerve leads a series of health complications, which can include excessive fatigue, numbness in the affected area, tingling sensations and minimized reflexes.

What are the Triggers of Nerve Entrapment?

Your peripheral nerve is located on top of the spinal bone. The nerve can be pinched or compressed by surrounding tissue, injury, fracture, swelling, bone fragments and bone cartilages. The muscles and tissues surrounding the peripheral nerve can form a lump or a cyst, which starts to pinch the nerve.

What are the Symptoms of Nerve Entrapment?

Symptoms of compression neuropathy gradually spread throughout the nerve along the dermatome. Mentioned below are some other key symptoms of this troublesome disorder:

  • Recurring pain
  • A chronic tingling sensation and numbness felt all over the nerve distribution
  • Compressed nerve also causes a burning sensation and an individual may also experience as if they are being subtly pinched by pins and needles.
  • Reduced motor abilities and reflexes due to nerve compression can affect the motor nerve


What are Some Fundamental Causes of Nerve Entrapment?

Mentioned below are some causes you should be aware of:

Positional Injury: This type of injury is commonly caused by continuously resting your entire upper body on your elbow. This can cause ‘ulnar nerve compression’.

Repetitive Movements: Typing or activities involving a continuous use of your hands and wrists can cause carpal tunnel and other disorder such as hypertrophy of the ligaments in your hands and wrists.

Tumor: A tumor mass can also result in compressing your peripheral nerve.


Are There Any Treatments Available for Nerve Entrapment?

The following are the treatments available for this disorder:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, Tylenol, naproxen, etc.
  • Splints that are specially designed to considerably limit joint movement so that your muscles can relax.
  • Physical therapy, which involves special exercises, heat and ice packs, strength training and massage.
  • Surgery for decompression and to extract bone fragments causing nerve entrapment.
  • Holistic medicine and deep tissue massage.

Nerve Entrapment Treatment in Chicago

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