What is Coccydynia?

Also referred to as tailbone pain, Coccydynia is a condition in which a person experiences pain around the coccyx. The coccyx has a complex structure, where a layer of cartilage fuses a small bone.


What are the likely causes of Coccydynia?

Generally, this condition is caused by a direct blow to the tailbone caused by a fall or being hit with force. Athletes and victims of automobile accidents are likely to develop Coccydynia, while in some cases it can be caused by a slip-and-fall accident on a hard surface. Pregnant women may also develop this condition during childbirth if their coccyx gets damaged or bruised.


What are the symptoms of Coccydynia?

Coccydynia is a painful condition and takes a lot of time to heal. The foremost symptoms of this condition are:

  • A restricted range of motion
  • Pain when moving around and even when stationary
  • Throbbing pain after a period of activity
  • Increasing level of pain after going to bed
  • Bruising or redness around the injured area
  • Inability to bend forward comfortably


How is tailbone pain diagnosed?

Initially, the doctor will ask for X-rays and conduct a full physical exam, during which you will be required to change positions and adjust your spine to determine the extent of the pain. The doctor may also apply pressure on the injured area. It is possible that certain movements are exacerbating the pain and the doctor will prescribe suitable treatment for it.


How is Coccydynia Treated?

There are a number of treatments available for this condition. Your doctor will guide you towards selecting the appropriate treatment based on your symptoms. Common treatments include physical therapy and chiropractic care. You might also have to make a few lifestyle changes to relieve the pain. Surgery is often the last resort, and the success rate for surgical treatments is around 50% as compared to 80% for non-surgical options. This is why you can expect a positive outcome of Coccydynia treatments. An effective treatment for Coccydynia is the Ganglion Impar Block. The Ganglion Impar is a cluster of nerves cells near the joint between the coccyx and sacrum. A needle is injected into this area to anesthetize the nerves. Doctors use imaging technology to determine the exact spot to inject with the needle, which brings immediate pain relief.

Coccydynia / TailBone Pain Treatment in Chicago

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