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With the recent restoration of medical benefits from the state government for amputees and workers needing hearing aids, it is more important than ever to establish proper treatment and documentation after an injury or accident resulting from employment at an establishment.

Workers compensation insurance is the oldest insurance program in the United States. It is a result of the 20th century as with the rise of jobs in the rise of work injuries, especially as the most common job was operating machinery factories that held no standard inspection and maintaining the event was left up to the owner.


What is Workers Compensation insurance?

This no-fault insurance was established to provide financial assistance to employees who have sustained an injury at their place of employment. Currently, the insurance for employers used three standard categories for accountability for future settlement of a workman’s comp injury:

  • Nonperformance- usually the insurance carrier of the place of employment will not authorize coverage for their employees if the worker’s inattention was the cause of the accident.
  • Assumption of risk-this type assumes that the employee was aware of the risk of the job.
  • The man-employee Rule-a coworker caused the accident.

At the time workers’ compensation laws seemed few and far between and often only the employees suffered as they were out of work. There is no scale or outline a system for fair compensation dependent on the injury.

In recent times state statutes have been employed to protect workers in two different ways:

  • Temporary disability: a worker has been off three weeks due to injuries sustained at work, they will be granted two-thirds of the previous wage for the quarter if no limited work has been made available for them to earn a wage. It is important for specialists to determine how soon the employee may return to work, as well as establish limitations to not reinjure themselves.
  • Permanent disability: if specialists determine an injury related to being employed has caused permanent damage and disability, a lump sum will be issued to the employee based on the percentage of impairment recorded by the doctor. The more the percentage, the more the lump sum. When an employee has suffered a permanent disability that will affect future employment, it is especially important to have all documentation in healthcare that was needed, as well as future healthcare that may be needed accounted for.


What are the most common work injuries?

  • Musculoskeletal trauma (10,500)
  • open wounds on digits (8,665)
  • shoulder injuries (3,614)
  • arm wounds (1,259)

The most common injury at work is to the back. Repetitive movement, continual sitting at a desk, and improper lifting techniques and cause back pain. Industries such as nursing in construction can take significant tolls on your back.

Back pain from sitting too long has quadrupled in the last two years due to computer-based work. The Mayo Clinic cites three factors that can contribute to back pain at your place of employment:

  • posture: muscle fatigue and injury can be the result of slouching
  • repetition: repeating movements can lead to injury or fatigue
  • Force: exerting too much force can cause injury such as moving or lifting heavy objects

While it may seem awkward to document everything as soon as it happens, it can make or break a deserving worker from getting the proper care in a timely manner. Let our team of Chicago pain management workers compensation doctors document your care as they are well-versed in the importance of insurance guidelines, state regulations, and needed authorizations from an employer with a patient who is entitled to a full treatment plan and in a patient receiving the benefits they are entitled to. If it comes to lawsuit, documentation will go far to ensure the victim of the accident receives all they should in a settlement.


Workers Compensation Services

Premier Pain & Spine accepts all workman’s compensation, personal injury, and auto injury cases regardless of the claim status. Our goal is to get the patient back to their pre-injury health status as rapidly as possible. To expedite this process to recovery, we work closely and promptly communicate with all parties involved, including employers, lawyers, adjustors, and case managers.

In addition, our seven office locations make scheduling appointments and traveling less of a burden and more convenient for patients. The physicians at Premier Pain & Spine also perform Independent Medical Evaluations when requested.

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