Kyphoplasty: A Solution for Painful Vertebral Compression Fractures

Living with the pain of a vertebral compression fracture can be excruciatingly agonizing. Most often associated with osteoporosis-afflicted elderly, this condition restricts mobility and causes excruciating discomfort; dramatically decreasing quality of life while decreasing independence. Chicagoans who face these health challenges can turn to modern medical solutions like Kyphoplasty for relief.


Understanding Vertebral Compression Fractures

Vertebral compression fractures occur when one or more vertebrae collapse, leading to severe pain, deformity and height loss. This is most commonly caused by osteoporosis—a disease where decreased bone strength increases risk of fracture, making these compression fractures one of its most prevalent forms among those living with this bone-weakening disease.  Seniors, postmenopausal women or patients on long-term steroid therapy or patients taking long-term steroid therapy are most commonly susceptible to vertebral compression factures.

Vertebral compression fracture symptoms range from no discomfort at all to severe discomfort, decreased mobility, and changes in posture; sometimes this chronic discomfort becomes life-changing that needs treatment immediately.


Kyphoplasty Treatment: An Overview

Kyphoplasty is an innovative, minimally invasive surgical procedure used to relieve vertebral fracture pain and stabilize bone. It’s often recommended for patients who have experienced symptoms from osteoporotic or cancer-related fractures within six months of experiencing pain from such fractures.


What to Expect

Kyphoplasty procedures in Chicago involve making a small incision in the back through fluoroscopy technology to insert a narrow tube. Once in position within each vertebra, an inflatable balloon is gently introduced through this tube and gently inflated; this helps reposition fractured vertebra pieces back to more normal positions while also restoring height around fracture sites.

Afterward, PMMA material (polymethylmethacrylate cement-like substance) will be introduced into its cavity created by this balloon’s inflation to reinforce and secure bone structures for long-term solutions.


Kyphoplasty Treatment Advantages

Kyphoplasty offers numerous advantages over more conventional therapies for vertebral compression fractures, such as rest, medication or bracing. These advantages include:

  • Pain Reliever: Most patients report immediate and substantial pain relief following this procedure, helping increase mobility and resume daily activities more freely.
  • Restored Height: Kyphoplasty helps restore lost vertebral height caused by fracture by inflating a balloon inside its vertebral body with air, thus inflating a balloon within it and thus reinflating its vertebral body with air pressure.
  • Improved Quality of Life: With pain under control and mobility restored, patients often see a significant boost to their quality of life after receiving this procedure.
  • Minimally Invasive: Minimally invasive procedures require only local anesthesia and sedation, thereby presenting less of a risk than open surgeries and permitting outpatient settings without extended medical stays.


Chicago Area Pain Management

Premier Pain & Spine in Chicago stands at the forefront of minimally invasive spine procedures. Our team of pain management specialists and surgeons understands how severe back pain can impact every area of life; that is why our state-of-the-art solutions such as Kyphoplasty are tailored specifically to suit each patient’s unique requirements and conditions.

At our pain clinics in Schaumburg, Downers Grove & Berwyn, our approach starts with an intensive assessment to ascertain whether kyphoplasty is the appropriate therapy option for you and your spinal condition. Using cutting-edge diagnostic tools, we confirm any vertebral fractures present and their extent—while our dedicated team ensures each patient understands all risks and benefits associated with any form of treatment before beginning.

If you or a loved one in Chicago are suffering from vertebral compression fractures, Premier Pain & Spine offers consultation services to restore health and mobility—get back to living a pain-free life today! Schedule your consultation online or over the phone by calling one of our locations. We look forward to being a part of your journey to sustained relief.